Twin Flame: A Spiritual Union of Friends and Lovers

Twin Flame: A Spiritual Union of Friends and Lovers

You may have experienced something what is known as the “twin flame” connection. Mysterious yet powerful relationships with leave a big impact on you, and feel somewhat “karmic” or “destiny like” in effect. A Spiritual effect.

Think of it like a complimentary union. In contrast to a soul friend or soulmate, the twin flame relationship can make you experience people that can be very different from your current mind-set or life path. Sometimes these people come in our lives to mirror to us a very different aspect of ourselves or that which we need to learn from them (or with them). These relationships can be signs of spiritual lessons we need to learn.

Twin Flame Defined

In a simple definition, a Twin Flame is someone who enters your life who you have a profound spiritual connection with. As stated above, the connection might feel very complimentary. You may not have too many things in common with this person, but the resonating of spirits is still there, and actually empower each other.

Sometimes this person doesn’t appear to be a good match for us, either in a friendship or relationship. It is through the growth of the connection and learning lessons that we finally understand what the purpose of the soul connection was. An more times than not, it is towards the end of the learning experience were most of the revelations are seen.

Top 10 Twin Flame Relationship Signs

Gained spiritual knowledge from them. Usually a Twin Flame is someone who enters your life with an important spiritual lesson or “message” to give to you. Sometimes this message takes a while to show, other times it will show itself fast. It all depends on the life path and lessons of the individual. But remember, sometimes it is yourself that makes the connections and resolutions of what was the learned. But it was the Twin Flame that initiated that change in you.

You and the person come from different upbringings and backgrounds. And through the relationship you realize a strong spiritual connection that ignites inspirations of the deeper paths in life. Sometimes your early childhood lessons will be different from each other. Through synchronicity you cross paths and help each other learn from those childhood lessons, pains, emotions, etc.

You gain energy and inspiration around them. Spending time with this person gives you energy (rather than take it). And even though this person may not be your usual “type” or have things in common with you, it won’t matter. The connection is a spiritual one and empowers you both. The Twin Flame is a powerful spiritual connection which is highly complementary.

You met this person during an important crossroads in your life. Or it could be that they helped you during a hard time in your life. Have you ever felt that it was during your hardest times when you built a very significant and spiritual connection with someone? This can be a huge clue. Pay close attention to the people that are around you during extremely stressful periods in your life. There are always important messages and insights during those times.

You experienced intense emotional feelings being with this person. It can both negative or positive emotions. This person can make you extremely passionate and expressive of your emotions, or it could be that they can express themselves very freely around you. Remember, the Twin Flame relationship is something that is intended to make you grow as a person. Sometimes a person teaches you important lessons that you wouldn’t have learned unless if they said certain things, or did certain things to you — both “good” and “bad”. Spirits want to experience or learn things and grow. It may feel cruel or painful sometimes to your physical body, but your Spirit doesn’t mind a little struggle or challenge once in a while — as long as it doesn’t interfere with your major life lessons and groth.

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