The Dangers of Opening The Third Eye

The Dangers of Opening The Third Eye

The dangers of opening the third eye are very real. You need to be ready for the awakening process. This usually comes with time and patience. Opening the the third eye is one of the most profound spiritual experiences that one can have.

And once have this awakening it can give you supreme awareness. Not only of your own spiritual power, but also deep insights about the universe and whatever that comes across your path.

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Physical Location of the Third Eye

The physical location of the third eye is the pineal gland which is located right in the center of the brain, in the middle of your forehead. It is the second chakra center in the body. It is also a very powerful energy center in the human body, which concentrates a tremendous amount of psychic energy. Think of it like an antenna of your spiritual awareness.

Consequences of Opening the Third Eye

Once you open the third eye it will give you psychic abilities, and a direct connection to your higher self. Think of the third eye like a gate that opens you to everything there is in time and space. Awakening this chakra will give your tremendous spiritual vision. You will get psychic visions, intuitive messages, and will be able to see beyond this dimension. You will also see what your purpose is in this life.

Typically it will also give you healing abilities, as you will be able to see blockages in yourself and others.

You will also be able to see through walls, people, in a 360 degree field of vision. Now you can see how important and intense this awakening of the third eye can be. This such things are possible with a fully opened third eye. With a partial opening you may not experience all of these types of abilities.

It can also be possible to lose these abilities if you fail to keep the energy center open. Most people will never experience a full third eye opening. Such things are only possible if your higher self permits them and when you are ready.

What happens is that people can force partial opening of the third eye, thus gives them a brief insight into the psychic, and deep intuition of the dimensions beyond this world. And this is where it can be a bit of danger, if you are not ready for the experiences that will come as a result of the awakening process.

The Dangers of Opening It

Psychosis and Delusion

One of the bigger risks involved in awakening the third eye is that you could become delusional. This is especially true if you have a very hyper or over-active mind to begin with. The problem is that your human brain might not be able to cope with the new spiritual and psychic powers. This is why these types of things are usually done with patience, and with supervision of someone who has already gone that path.

You don’t just wake up one day and say “hey, I want to open up my third eye”. These things can and should take years to do. It is a gradual process. And with each step you gain the spiritual maturity to handle the new awareness.
Simply put, If you are not ready for what you will see you could have psychotic tendencies.

Abusing the Power

if you don’t have the maturity you could end up using too much of your abilities for the wrong reasons, or just for the thrill of it. This can also be dangerous and give you temptations of dark practices. Of course there is not judgement on that. But I am giving you a full understanding of the risks and dangers involved.

An opened third eye can be a tool that you use to advance on your spiritual path. How you use that tool is up to you. It can be used safely in a way to benefit you, or in a way that causes you more harm than good.

How to Safely Open the Third Eye

You should first contemplate and meditation on this subject. This should be done over a period of time. The more you are sure that you want such an awakening the better.

Do not do it for the wrong reasons. Opening the third eye is a personal thing, and only you will know how you feel about it.

Silently observe your thoughts and connect with your higher self. Seek out guidance from a spiritual guide or master. From there you can do practises that will facilitate the awakening. And slowly and surely you will be ready for it — without risking it.

You can avoid the negative experiences of opening the third eye by taking your time

The great thing is that the more you remain on the spiritual path, the more insights you will get anyway. But you need a silent and clear mind. That will allow you too have vision to do things with the right intent.

Once you have a strong intention you will naturally have people and situations come your way to help open the third eye. And that will greatly reduce the dangers associate with it.

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