What is Spiritual Power

Spiritual power is really the combination of a few things. It can not be defined in single word, or even phrase.

It may not even be able to define with words at all. All we can do is get an idea of it means and how to notice it and become one with it.

In this segment I wanted to give the best definition of spiritual power to the readers. And hopefully after reading this it can inspire something within you to carry on in your learning and spiritual abilities.

Meditation - Spiritual Power

It is important to know that there are different types of spiritual powers that one can attain.

And even though the root power is coming from the same place, the subtle differences happen at different times. In other words, spiritual power can’t be utilized until your intent and awareness are in tune to it.

And it can show in various ways, and at different times, even spontaneously.

A simple definition to spiritual power would be the following:

To be able to recognize and attain awareness of a power within us that is not governed by the rules and limitation of the body, and is powerful enough to transcend the limitations of the mind. Spiritual power is the understanding of ethereal forces that can be manipulated or explored to achieve greater awareness of everything — yourself, life, and the universe.It is the power that control that which you can’t see with the naked eye.

The Types of Spiritual Power

We can also say that there are different levels of Spiritual power and they can overlap into the other areas.

This means that if you become powerful at one of the levels it usually flows and gives you power into the others. And it is very important to know that if you become powerful at the advanced level (awareness and intent) it can actually power up the lower levels very fast.

So you could say that that your awareness is really what helps your spiritual power.

How do You Attain Spiritual Power?

It must first be said that we are all spiritual. The difference is that some of us are more advanced. So the first step is to know that everyone has some degree of spiritual power. Without it the human body would not even be alive. It is actually the spiritual connection to your body that is keeping your body alive.


The very first step to increase your spirituality is to remain silent and contemplate that which you can’t see. You must have some desire to know more about existence and a higher power. It starts with curiosity. But it is first discovered through silence. Not talking too much, and not thinking too much. Silence is not only literal. We mean internal silence. Practicing how to not judge people, talk about people, and not compare yourself with others. If once can’t understand how to be silent and observe then it will be nearly impossible to pass the first few steps to attain spiritual power.

It is this silence which can power your meditations. And the meditations is the first steps to recognize the deeper powers within you — the spiritual connections to your higher self.

Don’t Think About Attainment

Your goal is not to attain anything. You already have everything, but you can’t recognize it. Your consciousness is not big enough yet to have spiritual vision. This will come in time as you have deeper and more profound awakenings.

You will have many beautiful small awakenings that will nudge you further and further along the spiritual path. But here is the thing: to get there you need to not worry about attaining anything. You just need to be empty and accept the true nature of yourself. Which is simply being, and not judging anything, including your own attainment. This sounds simple, but in reality is one of the most advanced things.

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