Spiritual Healing 101: What it Takes to Heal the Spirit

Spiritual Healing 101: What it Takes to Heal the Spirit

A yearning for spiritual healing is something that comes in ones life.

Sooner or later the restlessness of your spirit is like a itch on your back that needs attention.

You will find that there is no other choice but to listen to the voice within.

The voice that which is the real you.

The ego-free spirit who gives energy to everything that you are. The animating spirit is only one segment of your Higher Self.

But it is important that one knows what spiritual healing is and why the spirit calls for this.

Your body and your spirit have united in this realm to allow you to experience this world through your senses.

They are like a team.

Your body allows you to live and feel. Your soul is the real consciousness. It is what really takes in all the information – everything that you have felt and experienced.

These are the real spiritual words of healing and inspiration. An inspiration that starts within.

It rises so strong that you might forget who you even are.

Yes, we all want this type of clarity in our consciousness.

What is Spiritual Healing?

In one word? Awareness.

And you will see that word being used often on this site. It really is an important word to know. And there is different levels of awareness that one goes into along there spiritual journey.

Your healing starts the moment you realize that you needF it the first place. It starts and ends with awareness my friends.

The moment you become aware it is like a spiritual light switch gets turned on. And from there it is up you how far you want to take it.

Some people can heal fast, while others it takes longer.

The choice is yours!

It is also good to know that there are different means to achieve this healing – based on what you need. Even though the goal is the same, the means to get there is vast.

I will list some of them for you below. But if you want to be spiritually healed, you need to let go.

You need to give power back to your Higher Self and trust yourself and your path. This is really the end result of your healing and it never really ends. Healing is an ongoing thing.

Awareness is an ongoing thing. So in order to kick start your healing you need to understand these core things. And what does healing really mean? well it can be simply defined as ending a suffering (source).

Spiritual Healing Techniques

There are many ways that one can go on the journey to heal the spirit. Sometimes you need direct intervention, other times you just want to maintain your spiritual strength.

Here are some popular methods of spiritual healing you may have heard of.

Energy / Metaphysical Healing

This type of healing is done on layer most close to the physical body.

Examples of these are Qi Gong (Chi Kung) healing, Reiki, and other forms of energy manipulation/transmission.

The core of this practice is to open up the channels of the body to allow the natural healing to take over.

Once the channels are opened up it allows the natural spiritual force to operate freely within the bodies main energy centers known as Chakras.

Your thoughts and intent can influence this energy very strongly. Your diet is also a key player to your bodies channel system.

It is important to understand that these types of energy healing methods are still closely related to the physical body, but many recognize it as a form of spiritual healing.

Holistic Healing

Holistic healing and other such methods are also closely related to the physical body.

Looking at the body as a vehicle for the spirit, and treating it with care and love as to allow to the incarnation to experience life in its full capacity. Remember, the body and spirit are a team in this realm.

Healing one of them can allow healing for the other.

Things like herbs, natural medicine, and treatments can create a healing environment which allows you to increase your spiritual awareness. The holistic healing methods are looking at the big picture of it all.

Take care of your body and it will stay in a pure state. It will create the best possible environment for the channels to open and invite the guest of honor, your higher self.

The opposite is also true, you spiritual power and consciousness can power up your physical body and heal it. Your consciousness is the engine behind all of this.

Awareness and consciousness are very closely related. It permeates not only your aura and environment, but also all of space-time. It is like a laser that is powerful beyond belief.

Native American Spiritual Healing

You may have heard of Native American healing. It is also referred to as Shaman soul healing.

Once we get in these categories things become a bit more specific and intense. It is also nothing to be played around with.

This is to be guided by real genuine Shamans that have the training to carry out such tasks. They are sometimes called upon such tasks by entities in the spiritual realms to intervene in certain situations.

Witchcraft, thought projections, chords and being “hexed” is a reality in today’s worlds. Many are still unfamiliar with such things or choose not believe in them. But the fact remains, they are real.

People with a weak spiritual self can become victim to these things. You may need to seek the help of spiritual healer. They can expel these types of emotions and projections from your Chakras and spiritual bodies.

If things get to the point that you need intervention then you may have to do such things.

Healing Affirmation

This is one of our healing quotes that we use. It is very powerful and will open your awareness to the healing.

Remember that true healing is done by yourself – your Higher Self. But you must connect to this energy. Here is a way to do this.

Say out loud or in your thoughts the following:

My awareness and consciousnesses is all around me.

My awareness and consciousness is as big as the universe.

I am the universe, and the universe is me.

Say this powerful verse.

Feel your awareness and consciousness growing and expanding to the size of the universe. Connect to your healing powers within you.

Allow the universe and your Higher Self to initiate any healing you need. Do it with all your intent. Do this when you want to feel your awareness.

The most powerful meditation is to be aware in your daily activities. Remain in your spiritual self and centered with clarity.

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