Soul Friend and Soulmate: All You Need To Know

Soul Friend and Soulmate:  All You Need To Know

There is a slight difference between a soulmate and a soul friend. In this article I wanted to outline the subtle difference between them, and the signs to look for when meeting them.

The main thing to know is that you can have more than one soul friend. Actually you will usually have a few of them that you will meet in your lifetime.

A soulmate is someone who is very close to you, and you are put here on earth to somehow complete a mission with. Keep in mind that it is also possible to have multiple soulmates. It really depends on the individuals incarnation and what specific learning experiences they must undertake.

There are many friends that come across our paths during our lives. Some have a bigger impact than others. Some become our partners, and others help us on our path. We don’t always realize that someone could be our soulmate.

Some of these friends we have known since childhood…

Others we meet later in life.

Meeting a Soul Friend

What is a friend now a days?

It used to be that the title of “friend” was only given to someone who would be there for you through thick and thin. Have your back. Having even just a few friends was just an honor.

The reality to me is that you can only have a few of these soul friendships. The others might be labeled as “friends”, but they aren’t your true soul friends. This does not mean that they are bad people or that you can’t have a great time with them. But from my experience, there are only a few number of people in this world that will really be friend to you.

These people will want the best for you, and they will not expect anything in return. Their intention is never to harm you, rather they want to empower you and take care of you. Yes, it is a very special. That is why you won’t meet many people in your life that are a soul friend.

They could even be your brother, sister, or other family member. One of my soul friends is my sister. Someone who really understands my path and only wanted the best for me. She actually gave me some of the best advice in my life.

So keep in mind that a soul friend can be anyone, even someone in your family. These souls have agreements to go through certain phases and to help each other.

Top signs of a soul friendship

It may not be easy to recognize at first, but there are some signs that will be apparent if someone if your soul friend.

You Have Been Friends For a Long Time

Do you have a friend that you have been close with for a long time? Chances are that they are one. This is one of the biggest clues that you and them where destined to be good buddies in this lifetime. If the friendship has lasted for years then this is a big sign to look for

You Went Through Hard Time Together

  • Did you and this person go through a traumatic experience together?
  • Did this person help you pass a very hard time in your life?
  • Did you help this person when they were going through a life changing experience?

If you answered yes to these questions then chances are you and them are have a spiritual soul connection as friends.

This friend could also appear in your life just at the right time.

Can Be Yourself Around Your Soul Friend

They might be someone whom you feel extremely comfortable around. You can express yourself withough any judgement. They will never try and make you feel guilty about yourself, and you never have to impress them.

The soul friendship is easy going, fluid, and feels very comfortable. Being around this person gives you energy rather than take it away.

They Came Into Your Life Briefly

Here is another clue.

They might appear n your life briefly to help you with something on your spiritual path. The time they spend with you is very brief, but it feels like it was “meant to be”.

Sometimes destiny makes us meet a friend who came into our life for just one very important task. After the task is complete they may leave your life. They leave because your life situation does not match with theirs, but you and them had a soul connection.

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