The Best Stones For The Root Chakra

The Best Stones For The Root Chakra

Using the root chakra healing stones is an excellent way to empower the root the chakra. It will also help in magnetizing the chakra thus allowing for the perfect healing and cleansing.

The root chakra helps with grounding. and is one of the seven important chakras in the human body.

It is also related to your flight or flight response to the stresses around you. If you want to stay connected to the people around you, then you need a well balanced and strong root chakra. So in this article I wanted to let you know of the best stones that you should be aware of.

Root Chakra Stones: The Different Uses

Take not of the following stones, I will also let you know in what situations you should use them, along with there color and type of stone it is. Keep in mind that all these stones are used for the purpose of charging and balancing the root chakra. However, each one will have a special characteristic which I will point out.

  • Black Obsidian – typically used for protection
  • Red Jasper: Used for protection and charging
  • Red Carnelian: Known as the stone of courage, also can be used to for strength
  • Black Tourmaline: Amazing for grounding purposes
  • Green Bloodstone: Can also be used to fight negative energy

How to Use The Stones for Healing

The key thing here to remember is that each stone has its own frequency that it operates on. Typically these frequency can resonate with the root chakra. Learning how to use these stones can help you balance that area and also help with emotional (and physical) healing associated with that chakra. The stones can also be used in healing your Inner Child.

The most powerful way to use these stones is to place it directly on the chakra, then meditate on it. Visualize the stone and the chakra resonating with each other and magnetizing that area. You could also envision that the area is becoming free of blockages, or that negative energy is coming out, while positive healing energy is flowing in.

A highly effective way is to do some light exercise or deep breathing before doing this. It will allow for more blood circulation in the body, and can help in the healing process. Deep breathing and meditation can also empty out the mind of thougts so that your root chakra can use the stones more effectively.

The best healing is physical and emotional (energy). So your goal should be both.

Another method is to keep the stone on you in the form of jewellery, or near you, like on your table or desk. You can also close your eyes and meditate on the stone healing your chakra. The most important thing here is that you resonate with the frequency of the stones to allow for the activation and healing.

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