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The site is a blog that publishes articles on self help and spirituality topics.

Spiritualtoo.com is aware of the importance of the recent changes in the internet privacy and data retention laws. Please review our updated privacy policy.

The Type of Data We Collect We collect data from you when you use the contact form to contact us. We receive the following data from you in our email:

  • The name you used in the form
  • Email address you used in the form

Why do we collect this data?

So that we can return your message through our email inbox.

How Long Do We Keep This Data?

This typically gets deleted once we answer your questions or when the conversation appears finished. Usually every few weeks we clean our email inbox.

You can request us to delete your data at any time. Please send us a message and we will delete all your data.


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Our site uses the following cookies:

  1. Google Analytics

This helps us track the site progress and gives us information such as: page views, unique visitors, time spent on page, and related data that helps us create a better user experience.

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