How To Open The Root Chakra and Allow For Healing

How To Open The Root Chakra and Allow For Healing

The root chakra (associated with the color red) is one of the most important energy centers in the body. Also known as the Muladhara, It is related to the survival needs.

Essentially it controls the negative emotional aspects of anxiety, insecurity, and poor judgement on situations. An inability to make good decisions, especially in the heat of the moment.

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Restoring balance to this energy center can be done by some meditative exercises which I will discuss further into the article.

Just as the name implies (root), it governs the primal or “original” energy in the body.

In simple terms, the root chakra controls survival needs. Now you can see why healing the root chakra can be important to allow the flow of energy in the body.

The physical organs associated with the root chakra is the lower spine, kidneys and bladder.

A healthy and balanced root chakra gives you:

  • security
  • confidence
  • act in the moment

Red Color Visualizations

Upon waking up, visualize the color red in your mind and around your root chakra.

You can also do this exercise throughout the day and whenever you have time. As you become more comfortable you will be able to do visualization anytime you want. It will be as if it is automatic in the background.

You could also wear the color red, or be around red colors.

Breathing Healing Meditations

One of the best ways to heal the root chakra is to do breathing meditations. do the following:

  1. Lie down on your back and relax for a few minutes
  2. take a deep breath and envision the breath going down to the root chakra and filling up the root chakra with vitality.
  3. Exhale and imagine all the negative or “extra” energy exiting the chakra.
  4. repeat steps 2 & 3 for around 5 minutes each session.
  5. remain laying down and relax for a couple more minutes before finishing off the exercise.

Jogging or Jumping

Open the root the root chakra by allowing the energy center to receive circulation in the body. Keep in mind, the chakra systems are linked to the blood flow of the body. This can help you remove some of the physical blockages.

You want do exercise that loosen you up, and allow a good circulation. Light jogging and jumping in one place (jumping jacks) are an excellent way to warm up and increase circulation.

Dancing is also an excellent way to move the body, and it can be fun. This is especially true if you can dance in rhythm and to some music that inspires you. Don’t forget, you want to be good emotional mood. Your emotions are key in open the root chakra

Being tense is something that will block your healing. When you move around it burns off stress hormones which will allow your parasympathetic nervous system to allow for a relaxed healing state.

Standing Grounding Meditation

An excellent way to open the root chakra is to do grounding exercises. These meditations allow for balancing and grounding of the body energy centers. They restore the re-balance the chakra and allow for the healing to take place naturally.

Chi Kung or Qi Gong is based on these types of standing meditations.

How do you do it?

You simple stand still. Utterly still. Feet shoulder width apart. Breathing deeply through your abdomen. It is also recommended to close your eyes throughout the exercise.

You should visualize your feet firmly stuck to the ground like magnets. Simply relax your entire body and visualize your root chakra healing through the grounding process.

There are a lot more complex ways to do standing meditations, but this simple healing exercise is very effective and powerful. This alone can open up not your root chakra, but other chakras as well.

The important thing is to do it with your full intent and awareness. Meditation is about awareness. And awareness starts with tuning into whatever it is you want. Sense the world around you. Feel it connecting to the energy centers within the body.

Hot & Cold Showers

Taking hot and cold showers can help the body in the healing process. It can do this by increasing circulation and with the movement of blood. Taking relaxing showers this way can really help, especially when you combine it with the other methods for opening the chakra.


Stretching can help with the circulation and relaxation. It can increase blood flow to the root chakra and help it heal. This way the chakra will be open and allow for the smooth flow of energy within the body.

You can do all types of stretches, but it is more effective to do Yoga strethces that are specificcally designed to help with the root chakra.

The yoga poses Tadasana, Vrksasana, and Garudasana are good for the root chakra.

Final Thoughts on Opening The Root Chakra

Try and create harmony with all your chakra systems. Make sure that you keep them all open to keep the healing process continuous. Restoring the root chakra can be done by following some of the exercises and meditations in this article.

But most importantly, make sure to be aware of your root chakra. This will put your intention in that area through out the healing process. The opening of the root chakra will be possible only through consistent spiritual awareness.

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