Spiritual Light: The Meaning and How to Become Aware of It

Spiritual Light: The Meaning and How to Become Aware of It

It is the ultimate awareness and consciousness. In esoteric terms you may have heard the words Chi, Prana, or “life force”. These terms are all referencing to the same type of encoded light energy that governs all things in the universe.

In terms of polarity, the spiritual light is the opposite of darkness. When we think of darkness we think of anguish, fear, pain, and hopelessness. When we think of light we usually think of good things, “fuzzy” things. Warm things.

If dark is considered to operate in the lower frequency, then light is the operating on a higher vibration frequency.

The truth is that everything is encoded with light energy (data) — Even darkness. The light is the foundational essence that encodes all things in the universe.

The light energy is somewhat like the glue that holds the ions of all matter together, somewhat like an electromagnetic force. It is also like the original source consciousness that knows exactly what to do.

Spiritual Light Has More Than One Meaning

As was mention above, in the physical sense, it relates to the electromagnetic force of an advanced spiritual practitioner. It can be an indicator of being a healer. This is especially true if you partake in things like:

  • Yoga
  • Chi Kung
  • Tai Chi
  • Deep Chakra Meditation

When you increase your electromagnetic energy, you are essentially increasing your spiritual power. This can be used in things such as telekinesis, healing, astral travel, protection, meditation.

In the Philosophical sense the light pertains to the opposite of dark. The awareness that comes when there is hope, love, and kindness. In many esoteric teachings there is the battle of good and evil. Light against dark.

The never ending polarity battle that is a very important component of this reality on earth. Dark and light both exists because of each other. The dark chases the light. The light exposes the dark.

To become spiritually mature is to understand both sides without judgement. And to realize that once needs to become aware of both in order to realize the nature of this realm, and also to learn the important lessons one came here to learn.

Light is Healing and Protective

The spiritual light can have tremendous healing and protective qualities. Depending on the vibration and “hue” of the light, different characteristics come to play.

The golden light is the most protective and healing of all. Somewhat like the flame of a candle.

Just like the solar plexus is associated with internal will and power due to the yellow light. This light carries with it frequency of healing, protection, and power.

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