Light Vs Dark: A Closer Look At The Polarities

Light Vs Dark: A Closer Look At The Polarities

Being aware of the light and dark spiritual forces is an important part of the spiritual maturation process. But to get to more advanced levels it requires a more balanced approach.

We see it all over the place. Good and bad. Day and night. Light and Dark. We are speaking of the polar forces that are an important part of the spiritual training. Life itself is run with these two polarities as the charging forces. We must be able to master both if we want to operate on a level of Balance. The level which is attained as one becomes more powerful — spiritually.

What Are The Polarities?

The polarities operate as the following:

Dark. It is the energy and intent associated with dominance and greed at its core principles. To conquer, at any cost. To deceive. The Dark is more concerned with taking rather then giving. The heavy emotions of suffering, grief, and pain originate from the Dark polarity.

Light. The energy and intent it is associated with is giving. The core principles is to do “whats best”. Giving hope and faith. The light is sometimes too concerned with forcing another to succumb to their way of thought. For example, when someone forces you to believe in something, just because they do, or because they believe it is the “light” thing to do.

These are the two main polarities that are in a never ending conflict, or “exchange”. There can not be one without the other. As long as this experience here on earth exists, the light and dark or giving power to one another. One is giving, and the other one is receiving.


Balance is between dark and light. It is a blend of both. The more spiritually advanced you become you start to see the polarities for what they are, and you actually integrate both light and dark energies in your personality and actions. This doesn’t mean that you become “evil” or an “angel”.

It means that you have enough awareness to understand both spiritual forces exist within you, but you control them and use them more as emotional energy rather than from your actions.

Do You Need to Pick a Side?

No you don’t need to pick a side, but most people end up leaning towards one or the other. For some it brings comfort to be able to belong to the light or dark schools of thought. It is a natural thing to be attracted to the polarities at some point in time. We all have experienced the dark and light. And this is a pre requisite for the more advanced spiritual growth that one must undertake.

The most important thing is to have non-attachment. Respect them both, and understand that they are needed in order for the experience to manifest, and in order for you learn how to blend both types of energy in your intent. You need both. And you can be sure you need to experience them in order to see them for what they really are, two polar forces that need each other to exist. And this is why they should both be respected, or at least made

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