The Signs of Being a Healer

The Signs of Being a Healer

As we are moving into a more spiritual oriented world there are more healers among us that will help people and the world heal. And many are now wondering about the signs of being a healer.

If you are on the spiritual path it would be best for you to take this matter seriously and put some awareness and thought into it.

It could be your calling to be a healer.

What is a Healer?

It can be defined as someone who can treat or cure someones suffering or pain. And this pain can be physical, or also emotional or spiritual.

The healer has undergone many spiritual lessons and experiences and is able to recognize blockages and unbalanced energies in people.

It is also important to know that many healers have been trained by highly skilled shamans, and similar types of teachers. And now it is well documented that these types of practices are more accepted in society now (source).

Can Anybody Become A Healer?

The short answer is yes and no.

But It is also important to know that all people can have this potential, but certain people have more of it.

Some people are willing to “take it further”. They see the indications of becoming a healer at an early age.

And this is why free will is important and a choice we have in our lives. Only you can decide and want to become a healer.

And if you do, your higher self will show you the way to get there. Or it will bring people into your life that can inspire you to search more on your spiritual path.

It will surely give you many signs that you are a healer.

Or you could also say that certain people decide to take it to an advanced level and gain power in it. They are manifesting there healing powers everyday.

They constantly aware of of there abilities to balance and restore energies in themselves, and others.

The Power of Your Heart

We all have a heart. And this heart is capable of tremendous healing abilities. Not only for yourself, but for the people that you can heal.

The power of your intent and awareness blended in with your heart (love) energy can be a supreme healer.

So in this segment I wanted to give some clues of being a healer and the things to look out for.

Do You Have Compassion?

You have to look deep within you and recognize this:

Are you the type of person that can relate to others pains and sorrows?

Are you the type of person that would help someone when they need it?

Being capable of spiritual healing is of an unselfish nature. If you want the healing power to come to you then you need to start first loving yourself.

It has got to be so powerful that this love for yourself is also a reflection of the love for the universe and the people around you.

Can You Heal Yourself?

Let’s face it, you can’t begin to heal others until you have experience healing yourself.

It all starts with you first.

And this is something that many people might overlook. If you have the power to heal yourself it can mean that you are a healer. And sometimes life puts us in tough situations to test us. It does this to test our strength and to make use more self aware.

What ends up happening often is that it essentially makes you aware of your healing power. Some people come out of these tough situations with tremendous healing power.

So keep in mind, if you have already been able to spiritually reflect and improve yourself, it can be a sign that you are a healer and can share your abilities with the people that cross your path. This is something that become more clear to you the farther you progress on your spiritual journey.

Naturally you will be self aware of your heart energy and the power to heal others. And the spiritual skills that you need to become a better healer will get more powerful. People will start coming on your path to guide you. Your higher self will make sure of this.

As long as you want it, it will work with you to take you on that path.

Do You Have Self Love?

If there is one thing in common that all healer have is tremendous self love. It is only through this self love that they are able to heal others.

If you want to love others than you need to first love yourself.

Love and respect for self and your spiritual journey is one of the first steps to self realization.

But what is this love?

In its core it is dedication and awareness for the Path, for the universe and ultimately your higher self.

When you are working in union with your true life purpose you will naturally have a lot of self love. Having self love is a huge indicator of being a healer.

Can you Feel Energy In Your Palms?

A big clue that you are a healer is in your ability to feel a magnetic energy in your palms. The hand chakras are an important energy center in the body which emit healing energy.

This energy is refereed to as prana, life force, or chi. It is all referring to the same thing.

If you are able to feel this energy easily than it can be a huge clue that you have the abilities to heal others.

As an example, I was able to quickly feel this power in my hands after practicing the Chi Kung meditations. And I can easily feel it again whenever I want.

You Went Through Tremendous Hardships in Life

Most healers have been through very hard times in their life. It is through these intense hardships that one begins to look within for answers and meaning in life.

And it is also these moments in your life that some of your energy channels can break open and give you powerful moments of awareness and inspiration in the power that rules this universe.

If you have had times in your life where you felt tremendous sorrow, loss, anguish then this may be one of the signs of being a healer.

Without the pain and suffering you can’t fully appreciate what love really is. And once you have love in your heart your real healing powers can flourish.

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