Kundalini Awakening Symptoms: Get Ready For Rising!

Kundalini Awakening Symptoms: Get Ready For Rising!

Experiencing a Kundalini awakening is a beautiful thing. But what are some symptoms that one should look out for when there energy starts rising as a result awakening process?

Is it dangerous? Can I handle the awakening energy?

These are some of the thoughts that come to peoples minds when they come close to the kundalini rising.

There can be many signs and symptoms that one is about to go through a profound kundalini experience. It can vary from person to person. However, there are a few tell-tale signs that a rising is happening. There are some things to pay attention to.

It’s important to understand that everyone has energy flowing in their body. The difference is this: for most people the energy centers are partially blocked or “obstructed”.

When the blockages get removed the life force can freely move around the energy chakras. This will break open the energy blockage and create a massive circulation of what is commonly known as a kundalini awakening.

It is also important to be ready for the awakening process. There is such a thing as forcing an awakening through specific training and meditations. But this is not good practice.

That is how kundalini syndrome can happen. It is when you are not physically and psychologically ready for the awakening energy in your body. It can cause problems with mental focus, muscle spasms, and even psychopathic behavior.

This is why in traditional esoteric teachings the awakening process was done under the supervision of trained masters. Sages that had been through it and could help you out.

Here is the honest truth: not everyone is ready for a kundalini awakening. Some people think its cool, or want it for ego-boosting reasons. But if you are not ready for it it can do more damage than give you benefits.

7 Kundalini Awakening Symptoms and Signs

During my awakening process I experience many signs and symptoms in the process. At first I could not understand all of them. I did not even connect the dots until I realized that these types of things also happen to other people. I did research for many years. My research and learning still continue today. These are some common signs that you should expect from a kundalini awakening.

Synchronicity and Destiny “Events”

You will experience strange synchronicity — events that will feel as if they were “meant to happen”. You could be at the right place at the right time. You will start seeing repetitive signs that you are on the right path and to continue with your awakening. All of these are signs that you are activating your destiny.

In my opinion, to awaken spiritually has a lot to do with destiny. I do not believe such acts are just random. Even if they feel random, they are guided by your higher self and spirit guides.

You will also find you will meet the right people at the right time to help you activate your path and kundalini. You will notice this before, during, and after your awakening process. Here are some examples of the synchronicty that you could experience:

  • you found a book that really helped you in your path
  • your friend introduced you to someone who had a kundalini awakening experience and can give you insights
  • you found a web site online that can really guide you and you connect and resonate with the content
  • you keep seeing the same numbers like 11:11, 12:12, 1:11, or any other sequence of numbers many times through out the day.

These events are meant to happen and be open to them.

Increased Psychic and Energetic Awareness

Throughout your awakening process you will notice that your psychic powers can increase. You will be able to tune into people energies and intents much better than your previously had.

You will have deep and profound intuition about your choices and thins that come your way. This may even catch you off guard. The best advice is to trust your instinct and believe in yourself. Your hunches about people and things are probably correct.

Energetic awareness of your own physical body will become more apparent. You will feel yourself feel lighter, as if your internal body is more hallow. You will easily feel the magnetic presence of your chakras throughout your body.

Sleep Disturbances

Unfortunately this is one of the negative symptoms of kundalini awakening. Some persons can experience unstable and erratic sleeping patterns. The excess energy in the body might be a bit too much to handle for some if they can’t ground it properly.

Having trouble sleeping and having intense dreams can be symptoms of an energy awakening in your body.

Physical and Emotional Symptoms

The kundalini energy might be too much to handle for some during the awakening process. Sometimes the physical body is not prepared to handle this much energy to start.

The spontaneous kundalini has a path of its own.

Some people can feel body aches and pains as the energy opens up channels in body and surrounding joints and limbs. Usually these are signs of blockages that are getting cleansed and opened up by the circulating energy.

This is also why grounding exercise like Qi Kong or Yoga stretching is recommended before and after an awakening. It will also give you some healing before the awakening process.

prepare the body for awakening symptoms of kundalini
Yoga is a great way to prepare the body for awakening

It can naturally prepare the body and joints to with stand the extra energy circulation that will be happening as a result of the kundalini activation.

Sensitivities to Food, People, Society

It is highly likely that one could experience sensitivities or intolerance to certain foods, people, and society (media, tv, news).

Food. You might not tolerated certain foods, and you might even want to avoid all impure food sources from your diet. A spiritual awakening in the body typically makes your physical body more pure. The cleansing and opening of the chakra is heavily dependent on having a pure body.

During an after an awakening it is important that you try to minimize eating impure sources of food. And the preparation of food will also highly influence the opening of your channels. For the energy to flow freely it will require you to keep a pure body, mind, and spirit.

People. The awakening process could make you intolerant to certain people, or sensitive to be around them. This is normal and don’t be worried about it.

What happens is that you are raising your frequency to a higher level. This may cause others to notice the change in your frequency and they may start acting a bit different around you. You could also not resonate with some peoples energy and frequency the same way you did before.

Society. The same hold true for the news, society, media, etc. You may find that you can’t stand to watch the news, movies, or be around certain social scenes anymore. This kundalini symptom is simply due to the fact that your energy is changing, and your awareness is becoming much more sensitive.

You notice things you didn’t before. You see through deceptions and society much better. So naturally you may feel discomfort at first.

But the great things is that this gets better with time and you adjust after a while. It is harder at the beginning of the kundalini awakening when everything seems more powerful and new.


Unfortunately, some people get some depression during the activation of kundalini. Again, this gets better with time but is a possibility at the beginning stages.

This mostly happens when the person is not ready yet to experience the new awareness and increased energy in the body. It causes some to be uncomfortable with the new frequency.

This is why it is so important to be try and be ready and prepared for this type of thing. It takes a very mature spirit to hand this whole awakening process.

If you are spiritually immature you might not be able to handle it and have depressive, and maybe even psychotic thoughts.

Less Emotional, But Increased Compassion

Another phenomenon with the kundalini awaking is one of the most interesting symptoms to be.

I noticed that my compassion increased ten fold, but I because less emotional at the same time. My love for myself and humanity grew, but I was not sensetive or emotional about certain things anymore.

I gained power. I realized that we waste a lot of power through emotions. Emotions that that were unstable. Some family members even noticed it. They made comments like I seemed “cold” or less worried than before. But I actually became more compassionate and my love actually increased.

This is something that is not easy to describe. But I am sure those that have gone through an awakening will know what this is about.

If you are prepared for the awaking process you will notice that you become less emotional, but more compassionate at the same time.

Take note of the Kundalini Awakening symptoms. Not everyone will experience all these things mentioned here. But you may notice that you experience a few of these signs before during and after your awakening.

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  1. Amazing and concise way to write about Kundalini awakening. I have definitely experienced some of what you write about. I have noticed that taking some herbal supplements like adaptogens can ease some of the anxieties and phsycial discomforts Kundalini

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