Inner Child Healing: Going Within to Reconnect With Yourself

Inner Child Healing: Going Within to Reconnect With Yourself

healing the wounded inner child is important when it comes to spiritual advancement. Going within to reconnect with yourself is a great way relieve yourself from traumantic childhood events.

As children we are very sensitive to the world around us. Experiencing a traumatic event can often leave a lasting impression on us — physically and emotionally. It is these physical and emotional blockages can cause hindrance in our bodies energy systems, and disturb our spiritual clarity.

Who is the inner child?

It is is really you. The part of you that was a free spirited child, but experienced something that needs resolution, forgiving, or healing. The important thing to note is that usually these events are traumatic ones. The tough situations that we can’t handle as children. Emotions are a major factor here. Because as children we require our parents to give us the right emotional support. Feelings or guilt, fear, or shame can leave a huge imprint on the conscious and sub conscious mind of the child.

Important Childhood events

The situations in our childhood can make us hold on to certain emotions and fears. Our parents, siblings, and friends can instill emotional baggage that we carry with us through to adulthood. Typical emotions that causes problems for our Inner Child are the following:

  • Guilt – We feel guilty for doing anything because we feel we are not supposed to. As a child, we did not feel free to express ourselves, and were made to feel guilty for everything we received — sometimes even including love!
  • Shame – We were not forgiven for our wrong doings as children. Our parents may have instilled feelings of shame for the things they though we were doing wrong.
  • Not Being “Good Enough” (Low Self Esteem) – Our parents may have made us feel isolated, and not loved. Children are good at sensing if they are receiving the right form of love and inspiration. When we feel that our parents didn’t give that to us it makes us have low self-esteem when we go into adult hood. This is one of the most detrimental things to your Inner Child.

These scenarios can happen sub-consciously and consciously. In other words; we may not know that it affected us the way it did. However, the emotional imprint has been left, whether you know it or not.

They can be extreme traumatic situations, or even simple things like your parents not giving you the social space to interact with other kids your age. Or when you asked your mother for something she always made you feel “guilty” about it. That can damage the child’s self esteem. The child won’t feel worthy enough in social situations. The inner child needs healing to be able to move on from these once they get into adulthood.

Emotional Blockages

The emotional energy of the wounded Inner Child can cause 2 major problem:

  1. Emotional blockages which affect your energy system — a stop in the flow of energy in the chakra associated with the emotion.
  2. Physical discomforts, stress, at the site of the chakra associated with the emotion.

The main issues here that it can interrupt your spiritual practices. But there is not real need to worry as you can start healing the inner child, making peace with him/her, and learning amazing things about yourself and the healing process.

The spiritual path is a constant learning experience. Keep in mind that all these experiences are guided by your higher self and god. We need this exposure to emotions to learn how to ascend from them. In the advance stages it is very important to forgive yourself, your Inner Child, and flow freely with clear awareness. You can’t have a strong, free-flowing energy if your Inner Child has not been loved, forgiven, and moved on from any situation in the past

Inner Child Healing Methods

There are a few ways to start the healing process. But before anything you need to give awareness to this topic and have intent to heal yourself. Be open to it and actively meditate on it for a few days. Keep the thought of it in the back of your mind. When you are ready, you can try the next 2 healing methods.

1. Mediation and Breathing

Take the time to do some deep abdominal breathing, and mediating on the situations and people that may have had a big impact on your Inner Child. Relax your mind while you meditate. Ask your higher self to help you find the emotional baggage that you carry from any of those situations.

With your eyes closed talk to your Inner Child. Forgive yourself and the people that were involved in that situation that made you feel those emotional disturbances. Understand that it was part of your growth as a person, but now you are ready to heal the blockages. When you breath in visualize healing energy coming in. When you breath out visualize the bad energy and thought patterns leaving you.

2. Using Chakra Stone

Another great way to heal is to use Chakra stones. Once you know the emotional problem your Inner Child is having you can find the chakra associated with that emotional energy.

For example: If you have problems with expressing yourself, or anxiety around others, this could signify you have a weak or “blocked” throat chakra. Get familiar with the chakras to help you out with this regard.

The chakra stones can be used to mediate with or put directly on the chakra to help with the healing process of your inner child.

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