Healing a Throat Chakra Blockage, Symptoms and More

Healing a Throat Chakra Blockage, Symptoms and More

A blocked throat chakra will cause energy disruptions to the 5th chakra. This will cause problems with communication like speaking, expressing your opinions and ideas to others. When there is a blockage to the throat chakra you will have a hard time to trying express yourself to the people around you, and ultimately to yourself.

The throat chakra is the 5th chakra in human energy system also known as Vishuddha chakra. In esoteric teachings it is known at the center of your human emotions, and this chakra can easily be blocked by negative or strong emotional imbalances.

Thus regular healing and clearing is vital to keep the energy pathways open and flowing freely. This also means normal blood circulation flowing through this region of the body.

Your expression comes to a stop, and you could also feel like what you say is not really what you want — as if you can’t find the right words to say. It can also be that you feel like you can’t connect your purpose with the way you express yourself. As if what you say is not really in line with what you truly feel you want.

As you can see having a throat chakra blockage is not an easy thing to deal with, especially in today’s world, where communicating clearly is so important. The good thing is that throat chakra healing is possible and I will give some great tips on how to clear the blockage later in the post.

location of the throat chakra

I will detail below the energetic symptoms with this, then a bit further I will discuss the physical symptoms that are related to this type of chakra blockage.

There are two types of symptoms. One will arise physically, and others will be emotionally and spiritually. Both need to looked after, as the healing process can happen better if both physical and spiritual pathways unite.

Energetic & Emotional Symptoms

  • Weak self expression
  • Unable to say the truth
  • fear of speaking in public
  • feeling like you are lying, even when saying the truth
  • unable to say compliments to people
  • unable to tell people what you want
  • fear or shyness around people
  • afraid of asking questions
  • social anxiety
  • feeling detached from others

Physical Symptoms of a Blockage in the Throat Chakra

  • under-active/over-active Thyroid
  • stuttering
  • chronic sore throat
  • neck/jaw pain
  • ulcers in the mouth
  • dental pain

It physical blockage happen as a result of the blockage of circulation near the throat and mouth areas. Indirectly these regions suffer from lack of hormone circulation thus not allowing for healing take place. As a result one can feel discomfort, pain, and other issues that cause physical disturbances where the throat chakra is.

So in terms of physical healing it helps to do exercises that promote the relaxation of the upper body, primarily close to the head, neck and shoulder areas. But keep in mind, the more powerful healing is the one that comes from within, through a conscious and tranquil mind. Without that the physical practices can only take you so far.

As you can see, an imbalance of the throat chakra can affect your social life as in you won’t be able to communicate in a clear an concise manner. This can appear in your personal relationships and also in the professional activities. The best way to heal it is through clearing the emotional blockages that cause this effect.

Throat Chakra Healing

There are some effective ways to restore the flow of energy in this region of the body. The following ways are useful and can be done if you need healing of this chakra.

Blue Color Healing

The color blue is associated with the 5th chakra. In spiritual teachings there is something called color healing. This means that you become aware and be around blue colors to facilitate the healing process and to give more strength to the throat chakra.

The color blue is healing and able to restore the energy due to its calming and cleansing affect. It is good to know that this color healing should be done along side other healing methods mentioned here for more powerful effect. But in any case I am mentioning it here to give you a full guideline on the best ways.

Wearing the color blue, or visualizing the color blue on your throat region can help in this regard

Releasing Negative Emotions Through Breathing

One great way to heal the throat chakra is to do breathing exercises. These types of exercises will help you release built up emotions, like anger, guilt, sadness, etc.

The way to do this is to take deep breaths, and on the exhale visualize all the negative energies exiting through the throat chakra. Upon inhale visualize clean, restorative, and healing air entering the body through the throat chakra.

Physical Massage

The energetic body is connected to the physical body. Regular massages and rubbing of the throat area can increase circulation and open up blockages. This is very effective if done along visualization and deep relaxation.

Take the time to massage this area of the body, along with positive thoughts. It can be really powerful if done with great intent of healing.


Use meditation as one of your powerful healing methods of the throat chakra blockage. During these meditations you can connect to your inner self and do affirmations of having clear communications.

Mediate on speaking with intent, saying what you really mean. Make sure that you feel a part of society and people. Release the fears of others not listening to you. This is also the best time to visualize yourself speaking with a strong and clear voice.

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