Hand Chakras: Why It is Important and How To Feel It

Hand Chakras: Why It is Important and How To Feel It

The hand chakras are energy points located in the palm of our hands. In spiritual healing the hands are one of the main tools used for feeling and energy perception. Especially when it comes to reiki and other energy related practices.

The hand chakras are small but important energy points in the body that we should pay attention to.

As I mentioned previously, there are many other chakras in the body. We have the main 7 chakras from the top of skull to the base of the spine. And we also have smaller ones.

Center of Palm Hand Chakra

One of the main hand chakras to become familiar with is right in the center of the palm. This is important energy center that is used in sensation, healing, and transmitting energy.

It is also typically one of the easiest places to feel energy. Many teachers ask there students to place there palms close to each other to feel the magnetic presence of the chakras.

The first time I felt electromagnetic energy was through the palm of my hands. Once you feel it you will know. It will always be familiar with you.

Although the hand chakra is small, it is still very powerful. It is one of the most powerful energy points in the body. Many of the healing methods like Chi Kung or Reiki use the hand chakras to transmit and receive the energy.

Hand Chakras Are Used in Energy Healing

As said above, the open hand chakra will allow you to feel the magnetic sensations. This is especially useful in energy healing and to feel blockages in other people that you want to heal.

It also allows you to feel your own blockages that you may have in other chakras. The palm of the hand is a center for strong electromagnetic energies in the body. One of the goals should be to keep the hand chakras open and flowing with energy.

How to Feel the Hand Chakras

Try this excercise to see if you can feel the energy center in the middle of the palm.

  • Rub your palms together for 20-30 seconds to create some friction and magnetic charge
  • Then place the palms together with moderate force (as if you are praying)Then very slowly separate the palms from one another about 1 inch
  • remain utterly still in that position

can you feel a magnetic charge or heat? does it feel like there is energy between your hands?

now very slowly move your palms closer together. You should feel a bit of resistance when you do this. As if the palms want to separate.

If you can’t feel the energy yet it could mean that you are not familiar with the sensations. With time and practice you will be able to quickly feel the energy in the hands. Of course it helps to keep the chakras of the body open to be spiritually aware. See below on some ways to keep the chakras of the hands open

Simple Ways to Open the Hand Chakras

You will want to keep these chakras of the hands open and flowing with energy.

One of the best ways is to massage the center of your palms daily upon waking and when you go to bed. Make a point to try the palm exercise mentioned above throughout the day.

Do Yoga and Chi Kung grounding exercises daily

walk or job with your hands fully open. Be aware of the energy in the center of the palms. try and feel the air with the palm of your hands.

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