Find Meaning in Life: Discover Your Purpose and Passion

Trying to find meaning in life is something that comes with a price.

Life will through everything at you until you have enough awareness to recognize your purpose and passion.

And for each person it is different. Because each of us has a unique journey here. But the interesting thing is that it is all inter-related. You see, we go through different paths, but we are all generally headed in the same direction.

We are born innocent, and lose that innocence to find meaning in our lives. For some it might take a whole lifetime. For others who have a heightened sense of awareness it can happen earlier.

But don’t worry, because life is not a race.

All that really matters is your own personal experience and how to feel about it. So one of the first few questions you need to contemplate over are these:

  • Are you genuinely living with your true intents?
  • Do you say what is really on your mind?
  • Are you connected somehow to your passion?
  • Do you lead your life, or do you look to others to lead you?
  • Are you able to remain silent and listen to your inner self (without all the exterior noise and disturbance)?

These are all very important things to ask yourself. Because they relate to finding meaning in yourself, which corresponds to finding meaning in life.

One of the most important things to know is the following:

Finding meaning in life is ongoing process. It never ends.

It only gets refined and starts to make more sense.

So in a way it is not that you found meaning in life, it is more like you became more self aware of who you are — your true self. You can see with clarity what your passions and purposes are.

You can feel your intent. And this is the ultimate goal, and boy is it powerful stuff.

The Meaning is Inside You

its not easy to talk about such topic without feeling like you left something out. It is almost endless.

People have been searching for the answer to this question ever since the begining of time. Why we are who we are, and what we came here to do.

And it is important to know that the journet is also an individual one.

Simply put, we need to have a purpose. We don’t want to live an insignificant life without meaning.

But Keep in mind. There is a greater meaning to all of this than just our personal lives.

And this is exactly the difficulty that some people have when they want to find meaning in their life.

Don’t look outside yourself. It all starts with you. Perspective plays a huge role.

The ultimate purpose of your life is to simply exists in a state of joy and bliss. This means to understand that your very existence and position in life now is exactly where you should be for now.

It is your mindset which triggers new growth.

Once you recognize that all the meaning and purpose you are yearning for is already there.

It is like the flipping of a light switch. When you wake up to this awareness you realize that there is no real answer. Existence and joy is the first true purpose for you.

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