How To Balance The Chakras

How To Balance The Chakras

What are Chakras and how do you balance them?

In this guide I will give you a brief understanding of what they are and how you can balance them, thus creating harmony in your energy system. The more stable your chakras are the better your energy can flow in and out of the energy centers.

What Are Chakras?

They are energy points in the body that are associated with major emotional, energetic, and physical systems of the body and the spiritual body. The Chakras are powerful energy vortexes that govern your emotional and physical states. And each of the major chakras is associated with one type of emotional state, feeling, color, body part.

What this really means is this: Each chakra has a certain frequency associated with it, and if that frequency gets disturbed, it will affect you.

The energy exhange happens both ways:

  1. your emotions and can affect the balancing of the chakras
  2. If your chakras are unbalanced it can affect your emotions and your physical body

Now you can see why it is so important to have a stable mind, and keep harmony with your chakra centers. For more info read on the 7 Chakras and their meanings.

Why Does chakra Balancing Matter?

It matter a lot because over time our emotional and physical states can disturb our energetic systems, causing us to feel bad or like “something is wrong”.

We are not always aware what is going on with our spiritual body. This is especially true for people who are not spiritually advanced enough.

Some people go through life and never even know they have blockages in their chakras. The longer the chakras remain unbalanced, the harder it can be to heal them.


Because unbalanced emotions and exterior influences can create long term issues with the bodies chakra systems. And these emotional disturbances can cause blockages which we are not even aware of. This can be even subconsious, or by simply being around something or someone who doesn’t match your frequency.

The more spiritual advanced you get, the more choosy you have to be. Once your chakras are balanced and open, you will simply want to keep them that way. This will make you become more aware of where your energy (thoughts) and intentions are going.

What Causes Blockages in Chakras?

Unfortunately, in this modern world there are many things that can cause an unbalanced chakra system. Here are the major influences on our energetic body.


Emotions are the number one cause of problems for the chakras. The wrong emotions can hinder the ability of the energy to flow freely in and out of the chakra systems.

And overload of one emotion can create an unbalanced reaction in another chakra. This is why you may have heard it is important stay balanced, never to much one side. Rather than be extreme with your emotions, learn to remain calm and indifferent to them.

Stable emotions and clarity of intent is one of the best ways to clear chakra blockages. Do not forget this very important point.

Your emotions are huge when it comes to balancing your energy system.

I will give you a great meditation to help you with that a bit further into the article.


Food is the second major cause of instability in the chakras. What you eat plays an important part in your ability to have free-flowing energy. Your digestion plays an important part, the more impure food and substances you eat, the more blockages you will have.

This is why spiritual advanced people (and esoteric teachings) have preached the importance of pure food, moderation, and refraining from things like drugs, alcohol.

Physical Stress

Keep in mind that your body and spiritual body work in harmony. This means that too much stress, lack of rest, and intense exercise can create instability in the chakra. In other words, over-use of that area of the body can cause problems in the energetic centers associated with that chakra.

For example, a person that speaks too much, and too loudly, may eventually need to balance the throat chakra (due to over-activity).

Here is another example: A person that does heavy intense cardio may disturb the solar plexus chakra, associated with the physical heart.

So remember, too much of something is not always better. And to little is not good either. We want to learn balance and stability, this is the way to open up your chakras and allow for the spiritual healing to take place.

Other People

Other people can affect your chakras, especially if you are not spiritually mature to be aware of it.

Whether they do it on purpose or not is not the main concern. But other people’s emotions, intentions, and energy can affect yours. When you are around someone, there is a exchange of energy. This happens automatically.

Lets say someone is angry, just by you being around them you are taking in that energy. What you do with that excess energy is the important things. If you are balanced and have good intent, you will naturally dissipate that energy, and transform it into something else and clear it (or give it back to them).

But most people are not aware of this, and they hold on to other peoples emotions, thoughts, and energies.

This is why it is so important to be aware of this, and pro-actively clear your own emotions, and let go of toxic thought patterns. Some of these thoughts aren’t even yours, they come into you from your surroundings.

Chakra Balancing Meditation

chakra colors
Visualize the chakra colors

This meditation here is one of the best ways to balance a chakra and allow for healing. This therapy can be done lying down, sitting, or standing. Preferebly with your eyes closed.

  1. Take 2-3 minutes to relax, breathing deeply and slowly. Each inhale and exhale cycle should last approximately 12-15 seconds.
  2. Once you are fully relaxed, say to yourself the following: “my intention is to balance my chakra. By doing the following meditation the universe and I will become one and assist in the cleansing and healing of my chakra.”
  3. Focus on the chakra that needs balancing.
  4. Inhale slowly and visualize that each breath you take is giving energy to your chakra, and slowly dissolving any blockages, or excess emotional energies stuck there.
  5. Breath out slowly, visualize that the negative (excess) energy is dissipating from that area, and slowly removing any blockages.

This is a very powerful chakra balancing mediation that you can try. To make this more powerful you could visualize the color associated with that particular chakra that needs balancing. That will increase the power of this meditation.

Chakra Stones Therapy

chakra crystals healing

Another excellent way to stabilize the chakras is by using the associated gemstone. The stones will resonate to the frequency of that energy center, and the chakra will get balanced as a result.

Keep in mind, if you want the meditation to be more effective you must also:

  • Have the right intention
  • Do it when you are full relaxed and non-emotional
  • Have an open heart, and allow for the healing
  • Have trust in the universe and your higher self that they will help you

When you are ready, try the following:

  1. Hold the chakra stone in your hand, and meditate on it
  2. close your eyes, and place the stone on the affected chakra
  3. Stand still, and try and feel the vibration of the stone
  4. Visualize (and feel) the stone slowly balancing the chakra, and activating it.
  5. Use your intent, along with the stones frequency to power the meditation
  6. Take all the times you need, but 5-15 minutes is enough once you do the meditation correctly.


That is all there is to know about this for now. If you use the advice I gave you will see that it can be effective for you. Balancing the chakras is possible, but you must want to do it for yourself.

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